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Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan with personal training?

No! Nutritional Guidance is free, and included with the price of personal training! It is customized towards your goals, and I never charge to change your plan!

Do I have to pay the first time I see you?

Nope! You get a first time free consultation and assessment where we will talk about your goals, create a plan, and then I will take you through a workout so you know you love it before you buy!

Will Personal Training break the bank?

Not at all! One on One Training is averagely $25-30 for a 30 minute session and $50-60 for an hour, but I offer packages that break the prices down! I also do plans that fit your budget with supplemental workouts and cardio plans!

Do you train kids?

Yes! I have experience from a three year old with cerebral palsy to an 18 year old TSSAA wrestler! If you are just looking for general health for your child, or sports specific training, I’m your gal!

Do you train more than one person at a time?

Yes! I do train couples, best friends, moms and daughters, etc. in the same session! Contact me if you are interested to get the pricing!

Can I bring my kid with me?

Yes! Frankie’s Body Shop has a designated sitting area for children, so they are allowed to come, but they must stay in that area. We have a couch and a tv, and they are more than welcome to play on an IPad (We have WiFi), or bring a coloring book and snacks! If the child is young enough to be in a carrier or stroller, then they can be with you during your session!

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