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Consultation and Assessment 

If you’d like to see what Lil’ Bull Fitness is all about, your first time consultation and assessment is free! This includes 30 minutes of us chatting about your goals and creating a personalized plan to get your there, and then we do a full 30 minute workout session for you to see how the pace and style of my training will be before you sign on!


Starter Package

This is for a starter package of sessions! This includes ten 30 minute sessions to get you kick started towards your goals. This package includes suggested eating plans and cardio supplementation!


Monthly Programming

This is for people who are not local or who are interested in doing it themselves, but just need a a structure to follow! I offer monthly programming for $100 a month, which includes workouts for 6 days a week, a cardio plan, and a suggested eating plan which is updated weekly on Sundays!


Nutrition Coaching

My nutrition coaching is $50 and is month to month! This includes a customized plan just for you with weekly check ins! I am always accepting new nutrition clients!

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